Alfasensor is specialized in the field of humidity measurement




We develop and sell disposable indicators that are cost effective,
user-friendly and calibration-free.
Our three best-known brands are:
Moisture Stick ™-Concrete: measures the humidity in your base.
FloorScreedry ™: measures the humidity in screed.
Probiks ™: measures the humidity in your air environment.


Our disposable products will help you to easily control your humidity environment at different RH levels.



Where to measure humidity?

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Humidity StickTM -  Concrete

Floor ScreedryTM - Screed

ProbiksTM - Air environment

An easy to use measuring tools in new construction and refurbishment.


Humidiy stick helps you keep track of the humidity in your base.


After a day, you can check the humidity stick and it shows if your concrete is dry

enough or not.




A handy tool for new construction and refurbishment. Screedry help you keep track of the humidity in your screed.


Humidity indicator which is embedded in the screed remains throughout the dehyration process and shows through a color change when it is dry enough.





A simple tool to monitor the humidity in sensitive environments.


Humidity indicator can not only help you monitor your house and home. But also your transportation or production environment.


The possibilities are almost limitless.